Design Process

What do you want to accomplish in this season’s game?

Write down all points, tasks, rules, goals, strategies, etc. Based on these findings, what does it need to do? What do you want it to do?

Brainstorm & Research – What do you think will work for what it needs to do, and for what you want it to do? Figure out the best way to accomplish this. See what others are doing.

Design it – Draw it out, write it down, come up with a rough prototype (even with cardboard, zip ties, and duct tape), CAD, 3D print, math equations, etc.

Prototype & Build – Take your drawings, writings, math, CAD, or rough prototype, and create it with parts (COTS, 3D printed, or fabricated).

Try it out – What works? What doesn’t work how you wanted? How can you improve it?

Start the process all over again if needed, or start at any one of these steps above.

Document everything! Take photos. Keep all drawings, charts, graphs, math, and CAD for your Engineering Notebook.

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