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FTC Tip #7: Tournament – Mentors

Packing list:

1. First Aid Kit
2. Safety glasses for all team members and mentors.
3. Forms
• Team Roster (from STIMS system)
• Team Demographics Sheet (From HTK Website – MN) – your 1st tournament of the season only.
• Robot Inspection Checklist
4. Engineering Notebook
5. Robot
6. 2 Batteries – Charged!
7. Battery Charger
8. Computer
9. 2 Phones
10. 2 Phone Chargers and Cables
11. 2 Game Controllers

Tools (this list is not yet complete)
o Hex drivers – 3  different sizes
o Power Strip
o Dremel and bits
o Crimper
o Screw Driver (Flat Head, Phillips if your robot has parts that need one)
o Hammer or mallet
o Pliers
o Metal File
o Tape Measure
o Black Sharpie Marker (for labeling parts and tools!)
o Super Glue
o Loctite
o Zip Ties
o Duct tape
o Electrical Tape

Extra Parts (this list is not yet complete)
o Motors
o Servos
o C-Channel
o Screws and Nuts
o Fuses
o Spare Electronics Modules
o Anderson Power Poles
o Wire

Check-In is completed by the Team Mentor
1. Turn in a Demographics Info Sheet – only needed for check-in at your 1st tournament of the season.  This can be printed off from the HighTechKids tournament page (Minnesota ONLY).
2. Turn in a Team list from the TIMS system, if you don’t have access to this, ask Heather or Craig to get you access or to print it for you before the day of the tournament.
3. You’ll be given your morning schedule with the times for your Interview, Inspection and Field Practice.  This is usually available ahead of time on the tournament specific page on the High Tech Kids website.

Consider assigning a student team member the job of keeping track of the schedules for the day and making sure team members are where they need to be at the right times.

Assign a scouting team to meet other teams in the Pits to promote your.  This helps your team gain name recognition, which is very helpful during Final Alliance selection!

Teams get their match schedule at the end of the Opening Ceremony after all teams have completed their Inspections and initial Practice Match.

All Team members should be at the Opening Ceremony.

Engineering Notebooks are available to pickup after the Awards Ceremony, they be on a table in the gym.  Make sure to get the team’s notebook before you leave the gym.  If you notice any other ISD191 team’s notebook, please feel free to pick them up too.

Any trophies or banners that the teams receive at tournaments should stay with the team mentor or the District FTC Advisor.  Please write your team number and date and location that the trophy was earned on the bottom.  Many teams display their trophies at tournaments or outreach events to show their success.  If the team disbands, the trophies and banners should go to the District FTC Mentor for display in the schools.  Team members are welcome to keep any metals that they earn.